How to Create Windows 7 Disk Partition

How to create Windows 7 disk Partition in 8 steps:

The Windows 7 Disk Management tool provides a simple interface for managing partitions of disks, drives and volumes. Here is an easy way to shrink a volume to free up space so you can create a new partition on your disk. To shrink and make partition from your existing drive Partitions in your system:

Step# 1: Open Start Menu

Open your start menu and write disk management and click on create and format hard disk partition


Step# 2: Go to Disk Management

In Disk Management, right-click on the drive from which you want to make new drive partition and click on Shrink Volume



  • After clicking on Shrink Volume, please wait…



Step# 3: Make a new disk Partition

In the field provided in the Shrink dialog box, Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB (Megabyte): to make a new disk partition and click on Shrink. Here 10240 MB means 10.24 GB(Gigabyte), so your new disk partition will be off 10 GB.

  • After Click on ‘Shrink’ you will get an Unallocated space of 10.00 GB


Step# 4:  New Simple Volume:

Right click on 10.00 GB Unallocated and click on New Simple Volume:


Step# 5: Specify Volume Size

The Specify Volume Size page specifies the minimum and maximum size for the volume in megabytes and lets you size the volume within these limits. Size the partition in megabytes using the Simple Volume Size field and then click Next. Here 10240 MB means 10 GB.



Step# 6:  Assign Drive Letter or Path

On the Assign Drive Letter or Path page, specify whether you want to assign a drive letter or path and then click Next. Here Drive Letter is G:



Step# 7: Give Volume name

There are the default setting, Give Volume name in Volume label text field of your own choice if you want to and click Next:



Step# 8: Click Finish

Click Finish to complete the New Simple Volume Wizard:


Congratulations: Now you can see your New Volume (G:) in your Disk Management window and in your Computer where you have other disk drives: