How to Install Windows 10 from bootable USB

How to Install Windows 10 from boot able USB

– Download Windows 10 In Very easy steps:

If you want to know how to install Windows 10 from bootable usb so don’t worry your problem is solve here. So here we will tell you in 10 very easy steps how to install windows 10 from boot able into your laptop or PC.

Step#1 First you need to  download and install the Rufus boot able usb drive software in your Laptop or PC. 

Download the Rufus bootable usb drive Software


Step#2 – After download and installing the Rufus then double click on the Rufus icon and right click on Yes button: 

Rufus boot able usb drive software

Rufus account control

Step#3 – After clicked on YES button the new window is pop up on your computer:

Note: Do not forget to insert usb drive to your computer before Step#2

rufus windows pop up

This new window pop up show you yours Usb information, file system, Usb drive size etc.

Step#4- When this windows pop up then click on Iso image icon that is show below:

Rufus ISO image icon

Step#5 – After you clicked on that icon the window pop up from where you select windows 10 file:

Rufus select window screen

Step#6 – Go to directory or folder where you download windows 10 file and click on the Iso file of your windows 10:

Rufus windows select screen

After click on Iso file of your windows 10 then click on Open button:

Step#7 – Now your windows 10 Iso file shows in the Rufus Boot able drive window:

Rufus windows file

Now Click on Start button and the new popup windows ask for a permission to erase all yours data in usb and make your usb drive boot able:

Rufus permission to delete files from usb

Click OK button

Now wait for a while Rufus  complete copying all files into your boot able usb:

Rufus copying files into boot able usb

Now all files are copied into your usb drive:

Rufus files copying complete


Step#7 – Now Restart your computer:

Note: Do not remove the USB from your computer

After restarting your computer press f9 key (Check which key is used to go to boot manager) to go to boot Manger/screen/view.

windows boot manager screen

– Press Down arrow key and go to USB HDD and press enter:

-After pressing enter this screen is pop up

Step#8 –  Press any key from keyboard and start windows 10 downloading

press any key boot able screen


  • Select language,Time Zone,Input Keyboard which you want to install and use


Select lanugae, time zone windows 10

Step#9 – Now your windows 10 setup is installing:

  • Type Windows 10 activation key  in the text field and click on next button

Windows activation key


  • After typing activation key this windows popup and ask for whether to upgrade windows 10 or installing windows only  Click on Custom: Install Windows only

Installation option in windows 10


Then this windows popup and ask for drive partition 

– Click on Drive partition where you want to install Windows 10

– And click on format button if you want to format all data from that drive and click on next ( Note – If you have any installed windows on your drive and install new one so you must press format button)


Windows drive partition


-Now Installing windows screen showup

-Just wait for a while and go take some coffee and tea or do what you want

– Your system will automatically start after Windows files are installed

Installing all windows file in selected drive


Step#10 – Now your windows 10 is installed and do further easy steps:

connect windows 10 to wifi

Now you are done here

Note : Do not turn off your Computer while windows 10 is fully installed to your computer


-Congratulation Your windows 10 is installed