Kp Local Government Act 2013 TMO Test Questions Answers

31. Nazim shall present the budget for consideration and approval (Simple majority of the total membership) of the respective local council

  • In case a budget not approved by the local council before the commencement of the Financial Year, Government shall prepare, approve and authenticate budget for the LG.


32. Properties of LG shall be used only for public purposes

  • Immovable properties of LG shall not be sold or permanently alienated
  • Movable property of a LG which is required to be disposed of and all articles declared unserviceable shall be sold through competitive bidding in public auction


33. A LG shall levy all or any of the taxes and levies specified in the 3rd schedule


34. Failure to pay any tax and other money claimable under this Act shall be an Offence


35. All arrears of taxes, rents, and other moneys claimable by LG under this Act shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue


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