Kp Local Government Act 2013 TMO Test Questions Answers

16. Executive authority of District Government shall vest in “Nazim, District Council 


17. The Authority of District Govt shall comprise the  Operation, Management, and Control of offices of the departments which are devolved to it


18. Functions and Powers of Nazim, District Council: Provide vision for district-wide development, leadership, and direction for efficient functioning of district govt; Develop strategies & time frame for accomplishment of goals approved by district council; Present budget proposals to district council for approval


19. A District Council in each District shall consist of General Seats, Seats reserved for women, Peasants and Workers, Youth and Non-Muslims.


20. Functions and Powers of District Council:

  • Approve taxes
  • approve bye-laws for performance of functions devolved to district govt
  • elect standing committee
  • elect finance committee
  • elect district accounts committee
  • elect a committee on conduct of business
  • elect district committee on Assurances
  • elect a code of conduct committee
  • constitute joint committees of Village & Neighborhood Councils
  • Review reports by Nazim and District Accounts Committee


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