Kp Local Government Act 2013 TMO Test Questions Answers

11. Delimitation of Village & Neighborhood Council:

  • Area of Village & Neighborhood Council will be a territorial Unity
  • Their boundaries will not cross limits of a Tehsil
  • Area of a Village will comprise Patwar Circles or a Patwar Circle may contain a number of Village Councils
  • Area of a Neighborhood Council will comprise a whole number of census blocks as per previous census or a whole number of Muaziat or both
  • Population of Village & Neighborhood Council shall range between 2000-10000 calculated on the basis of previous census


12. This Act declares areas to be Tehsils or Districts as notified under the  “West Pakistan Revenue Act 1967


13. Provisions relating to District shall apply to City District  (Nazim District CouncilNazim City District Council etc)


14. Declaration of whole number of contiguous Village & Neighbourhood Councils to be a town in the City District

  • Provisions relating to Tehsil shall apply to Town (Nazim Tehsil CouncilNazim Town Council etc)


15. Government to constitute a Delimitation Authority for delimitation of village, neighborhood councils and territorial wards for general seats to Tehsil, Town, and District councils



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