Kp Local Government Act 2013 TMO Test Questions Answers

6.  ” Neighborhood ” means a mohallah, a group of streets, lanes, or roads, in areas with urban characteristics.


7. ” Peasant ” means a landless farm worker, or one who during the period of 5 years preceding the year in which election is held, has been the owner of not more than 5 acres of land and depend directly on it for subsistence living


8. Local Areas for local governments include :  Village, Neighborhood, Tehsil, Town, District, and City District


9. Local Governments constituted under the Kp Local Government Act shall be:

  • A City District Government for District Peshawar
  • A District Government for a District other than Peshawar
  • A Tehsil Municipal Administration for a Tehsil
  • A Town Municipal Administration for a Town in the City District
  • A Village Council for a Village in the Rural Areas
  • A Neighborhood Council for a Neighborhood in areas with Urban characteristics


10. Under the Kp Local Government Act, 2013, Every local government shall be competent to acquire, hold or transfer any property, movable and immovable, to enter into contract and to sue or be sued


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