How to Improve English Speaking Skills

How to Improve English Speaking or Communication Skills just in 7 easy steps:

When we want to improve our English Speaking or Communication skills a lots of questions that arise in our minds. The questions that arise in our minds are How would i do? How to do?  and more other questions arise. So here we tells you in very easy steps to how to get rid of these questions and how you improve your English Speaking Skills.


Step# 1 –  Listen More


Listen more and more, listen to English Videos, listen English News Channels like BBC News, CNN News, FOX News and other English News channels which you want to watch and you like more. Watch and listen English Movies every day with English subtitles and also watch and listen talk shows on English news channels. This will help you to structure yourself and the content that you wish to deliver easily.


Step# 2 –  Do not be Scared about making a Mistake

Scared of speaking english

This is very important do not be scared  about making a mistake while speaking or conversation with someone. If you are scared you will never speak fluently so you must just start speaking because it does not have to be perfect when you are learning.

While speaking you will make a bundle of mistakes but it not important, important thing is to try to speak because we learn from our mistakes.

If you make a mistake then you will be corrected by someone who is listening to you will correct you and you will learn from that mistake. ” Speaking and making a mistake is better than not speaking “.

Ask other person to correct your mistakes after you have finished speaking and ask them to wait while you are speaking and until you have finished. Be confident while you are speaking do not be shy or scared.


Step# 3 –  Improve English Grammar

improve english grammer

English grammar is important because you will quickly understand what people are saying. If you have good grammar you will not waste time trying to understand what people are saying.

English grammar is also very important because you will quickly find the correct form of what you want to say which means you can concentrate on pronunciation and fluency. You will no longer concentrating on the grammar rules because you already know them, so you can concentrate on excellent pronunciation and fluency.

If your grammar is good and you know that it is good then you will feel confidence when you are speaking and you will want to speak more.


Step# 4 –  Prepare yourself in advance

prepare in advance before speaking

Before Speaking or before a conversation prepare what you want to say by using a dictionary.

Think about the questions that the other person will ask and prepare for them.

But we know this is not always possible and we cannot always prepare in advance but there are situations where it is possible then do it.

There are nothing wrong to prepare yourself before starting a conversation or before you speak.


Step# 5 – Think and Talk to Yourself in English

think and talkThink and talk to yourself in English not your native language. By Think and Talk to Yourself will force you to start thinking in English.

If you are thinking in English, you will speak more fluently because you are no longer translating your thoughts.

If you are thinking in English you do not spend time translating from the native language to English.

Everyday when you are alone or by yourself in the car or on the bus or walking look around and say what you see and what are you doing say it in English.


Step# 6 – Practice with other English Learners

speak to other learnersThis is very important to learn go out with other English learners and practice speaking English and make conversation with them.

Choose daily topics that you want to speak with your colleagues e.g Sports, Health, Politics etc.

Make a rule while speaking with your colleagues that everyone will talk into English, do not speak in your native language.



Step# 7 – Speak with Native English Speakers

Talk to english speaking personsPractice speaking with a native English speakers for a few hours every week.  Ask them to speak slowly and clearly.

While talking with native English speakers ask them to correct your biggest mistakes.

Find native English speakers on Internet. If you are a online gamer you will easily find the English speakers.