How to Improve Your English in Easy Steps

How to Improve Your English in Easy Steps


How to improve your english


Language is more than a medium of communication. It reflects your cultural background, it reveals your personality and it organizes your thoughts.

It is with the help of language that we can convince others and compel them to believe what we believe in. That is why, whether you are taking an examination or you are writing a letter or an article or you are discussing with your friends or you are at an interview, you need impressive and highly Justify communicative language.

You can not be born with a mastery over the language, you have to acquire it with persistent labor. If you have an aptitude for it, you can acquire it more quickly. But you cannot reach the end point at any stage; improving language is a continuous process.

There are many hurdles in the way of a learner. We depend more on journalistic writings-newspapers, magazines etc, for our knowledge of the language. We forget that language used in journalistic writings is not standard English. You may call it ” Functional English”. For example, in the newspapers you come across the phrase “family members” but in standard English, it should be “members of the Family”.

Keeping the above mentioned problems in mind, we will have to devise some methods to improve our expression.


Reading, Speaking, Writing


Reading Speaking Writing English

For learning a language reading, speaking and writing should go together. Reading enriches our knowledge which in its turn serves as a spur to original thinking. Speaking organises the thoughts in their logical sequence; this helps in the continuous flow of ideas and mind becomes quick while selecting words. Writing makes the language scientific, accurate and effective.





Which books should we read? In fact, we should read prose writings of well-known English writers of today. Prose writings of B. Russel, Aldous Huxley, G.B. Shaw, Jonathan Swift etc, should be read. Magazines and newspapers cannot help as much. Just going through the book is not enough. Read one paragraph and call out the main ideas and arguments. Try to put these ideas in your own way. Then compare the two – the one which you have written and the other written by the writer. Discover your weaknesses.

While going through the book, collect impressive phrases and note them down in a note book. Revise them from time to time so that you may commit them to memory. When you come to writing, make use of them. In this manner, these phrases will become a part of your thinking and will not import any discrepancy in your style.




If you have not been conversing in English with the members of your family and friends, you will experience a lot of difficulty in speaking. So better begin reading a few paragraphs from a book loudly and as fast as you can. When you feel that your  reading is very smooth, come to the next step. Start speaking loudly on simple topics that you know. Then you should try to make your language free from mistakes. It will be good if you use a recorder, for then you will be able to evaluate your speech. You should also see if your speech has developed logically and ideas cohere themselves with one another.





Writing is as important as reading and speaking. Just writing for the sake of writing is not enough. You will have to make a sincere and conscious effort to write better. Begin writing on simple topics but your approach should be fresh. There should be touches of imagination here and there. For example, the idea “We have made economic progress but this is not enough” has been put thus by a writer:

“While there has been substantial economic recovery but we are not out of the shadow yet and there is no room for complacency.”

Some lay stress on a particular point with the help of various methods rhetorical language, details and ramifications contributing to the main idea and weaving patterns like a magician who throws balls of different colors into the air and then catches them.

So write once, then try to improve it. Thus you will be training your intellectual processes, you find a style suitable to your personality and thinking.

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