Constitutional History Of Pakistan Mcqs

51.Leaders of all parliamentary groups in National Assembly approved the draft of Constitution of 1973 in:
(a) August 1972
(b) September 1972
(c) October 1972
(d) November 1972

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 October 1972

52. The National Assembly approved the draft of the 1973 Constitution on:
(a) 10th March 1973
(b) 10th April 1973
(c) 10th May 1973
(d) 10th June 1973

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 10th April 1973

53. President of Pakistan gave his assent to the 1973 Constitution on:
(a) 10th April 1973
(b) 11th April 1973
(c) 12th April 1973
(d) 14th April 1973

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 12th April 1973  

54. The Constitution of 1973 is a written document and comprises of twelve parts and:
(a) 250 Articles
(b) 260 Articles
(c) 270 Articles
(d) 280 Articles

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 280 Articles

55. Chapter one of the 1973 Constitution deals with:
(a) Fundamental Rights
(b) Principles of Policy
(c) The President
(d) The Prime Minister

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Fundamental Rights   

56.  According to 1973 Constitution if a person is detained under a Federal Law, Board will be appointed by:
(a) Chief Justice of the concerned High Court
(b) Speaker of the National Assembly
(c) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
(d) None of the above

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 (c) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  

57. According to the 1973 Constitution, every citizen has a right to acquire property in:
(a) District of Domicile
(b) Concerned Province
(c) The Province where he is employed
(d) Anywhere in Pakistan

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 (d) Anywhere in Pakistan

58. According to the 1973 Constitution the National Assembly comprises of 217 seats which include minority seats numbering:
(a) 10
(b) 20
(c) 30
(d) 40

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 (a) 10

59. The President can address either House or both Houses of the Parliament vide:
(a) Article 36
(b) Article 46
(c) Article 56
(d) Article 66

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 (c) Article 56

60. According to the Article number 59 of the 1973 Constitution, the Senate consists of:
(a) 57 members
(b) 67 members
(c) 77 members
(d) 87 members

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 (d) 87 members


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