Constitutional History Of Pakistan Mcqs

41. The Constitution of 1956 was:
(a) Federal
(b) Semi-Federal
(c) Provincial
(d) Central

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 (a) Federal

42. The Article of Constitution of 1956, which provided that the President of Pakistan should be a Muslim:
(a) Article 31
(b) Article 32
(c) Article 33
(d) Article 34

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 (b) Article 32

43. The Article which allowed the citizens of Pakistan to profess and practice their religion was:
(a) Article 38
(b) Article 28
(c) Article 26
(d) Article 18

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 (d) Article 18

44. According to the Constitution of 1956, un-Islamic laws could not be enacted in Pakistan. It was provided by:
(a) Article No. 178
(b) Article No. 188
(c) Article No. 198
(d) Article No. 200

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 (c) Article No. 198

45. The Cabinet of Ayub Khan approved the draft of Constitution 1962 in:
(a) January 1962
(b) February 1962
(c) March 1962
(d) April 1962

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 (a) January 1962

46. The Constitution of 1962 was enforced in the country on:
(a) 8th April 1962
(b) 8th April 1962
(c) 8th June 1962
(d) 8th July 1962

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 8th June 1962

47. The Constitution of 1962 introduced:
(a) Parliamentary system
(b) Presidential system
(c) Constitutional monarchy
(d) None of the above

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 Presidential system

48. According to the constitution of 1962 the President was to be elected by:
(a) Members of National Assembly
(b) Members of Senate
(c) Members of Parliament and Judges
(d) 80,000 Basic Democrats

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 80,000 Basic Democrats

49. The Constitution of 1962 comprised of 250 Articles and:
(a) 5 Schedules
(b) 10 Schedules
(c) 15 Schedules
(d) 20 Schedules

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 5 Schedules

50. In Bhutto regime the National Assembly constituted a committee to prepare a draft Constitution for Pakistan on:
(a) 17th April 1972
(b) 21th April 1972
(c) 25th April 1972
(d) 27th April 1972

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 17th April 1972


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