Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Organization and Architecture Questions and Answers

– Multiple Choice Questions:

1. A collection of lines that connects several devices is called:
a. peripheral connection wires
b. bus
c. Both a and b
d. Internal wires

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b. bus

2. A complete microcomputer system consist of
a.  microprocessor
b.  memory
c.  peripheral equipment
d.  all of the above

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  d. all of the above

3. PC Program Counter is also called
a.  instruction pointer
b.  memory pointer
c.  file pointer
d.  data counter

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a. instruction pointer

4. ______ is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations
a. Conditional codes
b. Multiplexer
c. Control unit
d. None of these

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d. None of these

5. The ultimate goal of a compiler is to:
a. Reduce the clock cycles for a programming task.
b. Reduce the size of the object code.
c. Be versatile.
d. Be able to detect even the smallest of errors

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a. Reduce the clock cycles for a programming task


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17. CISC stands for:
(c) Complex Instruction Set Computers